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With time and experimentation, families find equipment and products that make their bowel management routines easier. When that happens, we don’t want to keep those secrets! By using the links provided on this page, you get the best deals on our favorite products and also help support this web site! All products mentioned below are also featured as quick links on the right side of the page.

Potty Seats

One of the reasons it is recommended to wait until age 2 or 3 to start enemas is the child will need to sit on the toilet for 30-60 minutes. A little potty chair in the living room won’t do because of the large volume of fluid involved. So most little ones (and even big kids) will need some sort of potty seat for the toilet. After some people get started with a program and notice a red ring around their child’s hiney every night, a common question is what type of potty seat is best. A very popular potty seat for small children is the Prince Lionheart Weepod Toilet Trainer or the Prince Lionheart weePOD Basix.

Another popular toddler potty seat is the Graco Contour Potty Ring. It’s not especially soft and can leave a red ring (just make sure it goes away after a couple hours) but it’s handy because it has a hole in the back where a parent can fit their hand to administer the enema.


For larger children who outgrow toddler potty seats, a popular option is the Special Tomato Portable Round Potty Seat. If you have an elongated toilet seat instead, the best deal on the elongated version of the Special Tomato seat can be found at Adaptive Mall (not an affiliated link).

Another great idea is to use a Folding Bedside Commode over the toilet (removing the catch bucket). Because it is slightly taller than 13938450_10157178489005276_3407674644437135266_n (1)your bathroom toilet, it allows room for your hand to hold in the cone while your child sits on the toilet. Just a warning: this improved access can also cause a bigger splash and spray! It also provides arm rests to give the child a little more stability and comfort. Because the seat on this is hard and just as large as a regular toilet seat, you’ll still need one of the rings listed above.

Another piece of equipment popular for children who need trunk support or help with balancing on the toilet is the Rifton Toileting System (not an affiliated link). Parents also like it for the cone enema because you can get your hand underneath the child a little easier. Often, insurance will cover this equipment.
rifton hts adaptive toileting equipment slider 2

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Other Helpful Products

Besides a proper seat, you may also want to provide the child with a stool on which to rest his feet. Feet that are allowed to dangle for prolonged periods often lose circulation (especially true with Spina Bifida) and turn blue and cold. You can find step stools in many stores and price ranges. One popular foot stool is the Squatty Potty. In addition to preventing dangling feet, it can get the knees up higher in an optimum pooping position.

Many people also bring a TV tray into the bathroom. The Table Mate II Folding TV Tray is our favorite. It can be used for leaning over during the administration of the enema as well as for homework, coloring, and watching movies.

A frequently asked question is where to buy glycerin and what type to use for enemas. If you just want to try it out, you can usually find a small bottle that looks like this (not an affiliated link) in the Walmart pharmacy section. But if you plan to use glycerin long term, buy it by the gallon either from Amazon or a beauty supply store. You’re just looking for 99%+ pure glycerin at an economical price. Here’s a great deal that many people use: Glycerin Vegetable Kosher USP.

Also, don’t forget to pick up a Pump for 1 Gallon containers to make that gallon jug easier to use. You can even measure how many pumps it takes to reach the amount you use (for example, 5 pumps=15ml) to eliminate measuring each night.

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What other products can you not poop without? Leave them in the comments!

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