Who We Are

The Bowel Management for Spina Bifida Facebook Group was established in 2015 to allow parents and adults with SB to share information and resources. The group combined their extensive experiences and knowledge to create a Parent’s Guide to Cone Enemas, which is now distributed by urology offices and Spina Bifida clinics across the U.S. This web site expands the resources to include other bowel management programs and makes the information more widely available.

The Bowel Management for Spina Bifida Facebook Group welcomes:

  • adults with Spina Bifida
  • and parents/guardians of children with Spina Bifida.

We keep the group exclusive since the subject matter is very private. If you request to join the Facebook group, the admins will review your profile or message you to ensure you fit in one of these groups before admitting you.

Other than parents, family members (including spouses and grandparents) may not join the Facebook group, but you are welcome to peruse this web site to learn and refer your family member to join the Facebook group and share information with you.

While there are many other medical conditions that affect the bowels, we try to keep this group exclusive to Spina Bifida bowel issues since other conditions may need different treatments.

Medical professionals are not permitted in the Facebook group, but we welcome you to share this web site with your patients, who can join the group.

Adults with SB and parents/primary guardians of children with SB may click here to request to join the Bowel Management for Spina Bifida Facebook Group.

The creator and admin of this web site is Colleen Payne. If you have any inquiries about or suggestions for this site, please email ecolleenpayne@gmail.com.